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Subs & Payments

Scout Groups charge subscriptions to cover cost of rent, equipment and the resources to enable us to deliver good quality Scouting. Part of your Subs goes towards Capitation – the annual membership fee paid to The Scout Association Headquarters, which supports the management of The Scout Association and includes insurance for all members.

Subscriptions are £24 per half term paid on the second week of the half term (or the first week attended if absent on the second week).  Subscriptions deadlines for 2016 are:

Friday 15th January

Friday 4th March

Friday 22nd April

Friday 17th June

Friday 16th September

Friday 11th November

The Scout Group accepts Cash or Cheques payable to 34th Chesterfield Scout Group – all payments should be placed in a sealed envelope labelled clearly with Child’s Name, Section and details of the payment enclosed.

Camps, holidays, trips and activities away from the Church Hall are charged separately – you will be informed of any additional costs with the trip details.

Financial Help

We wish to provide the opportunity to enjoy Scouting to all children, regardless of their financial situation.

If you need help with Subscriptions or the cost of camps & trips, please speak to a Leader or Exec member in confidence.

We do not wish to exclude any young person from an activity because of cost, however, financial support can only be offered if agreed in advance.

Gift Aid

The Scout Group is able to claim Gift Aid on subscription and donations. In order to do this, you will need to give permission by ticking the Gift Aid box on your child’s information form. To qualify, for gift aid you must pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year that is at least equal to the amount of tax that is to be recovered by the Group.

By allowing us to claim gift aid, we can earn up to 25p for every £1 you pay in subscriptions or donations. This will really help with the Group’s finances and every penny goes back into providing a quality Scouting experience for your child.

Fund Raising

In order to try and keep activity costs low and ensure we have equipment that is in good working order, the Group does a number of fundraising events throughout the year. In order to make these successful, we do rely on the support of our members and their families.

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