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Group Contacts

Group Scout Leader

The Group Scout Leader is the volunteer manager for the Group.

Miss Rachael Brown



Section Leaders

Section Leaders are responsible for looking after the young people within their Section.  The Section Leader is the main contact for parents of Beavers, Cubs & Scouts.


Mrs Crystal Cooke (Otter)



Mrs Jeanette Kent (Akela)



Mr Adrian Keen (Skip),uk


Group Chair Person

The Group Chair Person leads the Executive Committee who support with the management & administration of the Scout Group.

Revd. Daniel Cooke

District Commissioner

The District Commissioner is the volunteer manager for Scout Groups in Chesterfield.  Should you have a concern you do not wish to discuss with the Group Leaders, please contact

Mr Glyn Jones

Scout Information Centre

If you have questions or concerns you do not wish to raise with the Group or District, please contact the Scout Information Centre

0845 300 1818

Scout Sections:

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